In case you missed it, Sunday was National Polka Dot Day, one of those little-known holidays that gives us an excuse to celebrate something we love!  Who isn’t crazy for dots? To honor Minnie Mouse’s signature style, Disney even marked the day with special #RockTheDots events at its theme parks. There were giveaways and photo ops, and visitors wore their polka-dotted best—how fun! If you’re like us and just can’t see enough spots, take a peek at a few of our favorites from the Ethan Allen I Disney collection. [...]
But what makes a white wintery, exactly? Mostly, it’s what’s missing—a starkness, a harsh brilliance. A winter white has warm undertones (yellow, gray, pink) so it’s not a pure color at all. In fact, it’s off-white. Designers have taken to calling it parchment, ecru, ivory, linen, cream, and well … you get the idea. [...]
If you need a pop of color in your home, emerald green is the perfect choice. While many believe the precious gemstone for which the color is named has healing properties, this much we know for sure: Emerald is rich and radiant, and it has the power to lift spirits in any room. Bonus: It pretty much goes with anything. [...]