Keeping Interior Design Real With Cynthia Bliss Ray

Cynthia Bliss Ray (known for her “color confidence” and big heart, as you’ll soon find out) of our Design Center in Plymouth, MA. had the privilege recently to make a real difference in the life of one of her clients, Wendy, whose home was destroyed in a fire. The tragic loss of her belongings made Wendy appreciate her family and friends more than ever. Her family needed shelter, of course, but more than that, Wendy longed for a place to gather with them; she missed her family home. When Cynthia stepped in to help Wendy re-create the home she’d loved—out of the ashes and very much in the spirit of the house that was gone—she was overwhelmed.

Here’s Wendy’s story.



CATEGORY: Behind The Design

Ethan Allen Design Team

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