Arm Strength: Profiles in Sofa Style

A sofa is a sofa—or so you might think. Since styles run the gamut, we’re arming you with all the info you’ll need to make a comfortable design decision.

    • The Roll Arm
      These arms are open wide. Designers love this versatile look in traditional and transitional rooms (clients love the soft extra padding!). Shown here: The best-selling Bennett 86″ roll-arm sofa, hand-tailored in our North American workshops. With pleasing contours and deep, plush cushions, it delivers unparalleled comfort in classic style. The Bennett is available in more than a thousand fabrics and dozens of leathers with four cushion fill options, two back pillow styles, and three leg styles. For those who might want a bit more personalization, a skirt and a variety of trim options, including nailheads and contrast welting, can also be added. Ask a designer for details.
    • bennett roll arm sofa
    • track arm sofa


    • The Track Arm
      Squared edges read contemporary chic—and with no curves to take up extra room, track arms are a smart choice for smaller spaces. Shown here: The versatile Retreat 88″ track-arm sofa, hand-tailored in our North American workshops. Fall into comfort with its deep-cushioned, luxe proportions. Spring into style with a variety of upholstery options. Dress the Retreat up or down in fabric or leather and then customize it to your exact taste with your choice of cushion fill and trim options. Visit a Design Center to discover all the ways you can make it your own.



    • The English Arm
      A classic beauty with curves for days. Also called a “London arm,” it has an exaggerated rolled style with distinctive ruching along the outer edge. Shown here: The opulent Peyton 90″ sofa whose outstanding blend of comfort and style comes together stitch by hand-tailored stitch in our North American workshops. The look? Romantic. The feel? Luxurious. The options? Aplenty. It’s available in your choice of fabric with two cushions (as shown) or a bench seat for a more formal look. You can also choose from three cushion fill options and add optional decorative welts, braids, and fringes to pillows. A designer can help you create a look you’ll love.
    • peyton english arm sofa
    • cheshire shelter arm sofa


    • The Shelter Arm
      Deep, cozy, modern appeal. Also called a “tuxedo arm,” this arm is as high as (or nearly as high as) the back. It can be squared off vertically or have a slight flare. Shown here: The elegant yet easygoing Cheshire 83″ shelter-arm sofa, hand-tailored in our North American workshops. Designed for relaxed living and completely customizable, it’s available in fabric and leather with your choice of leg styles and optional nailhead trim. Work with a designer to explore all the possibilities.



    • The Panel Arm
      A formal favorite. Adding flat panels to the front of a classic roll-arm sofa is a traditional touch, through and through. Shown here: The refined Paramount 88″ panel-arm sofa, hand-tailored in our North American workshops. From head to toe, this is an opportunity to play designer dress-up and create a unique sofa that suits your style to a T. The Paramount is available skirted or unskirted in more than a thousand fabrics. Choose three cushions (as shown) or a T-cushion. You can also select your back pillow style—loose or semi-attached—and add optional trim options, including nailheads, fringes, and tapes.
    • panel arm sofa
    •  emerson slope arm sofa


  • The Slope Arm
    Open and elegant. This style has strong lines that read modern and deep curves that read “let’s lounge.” Overall, a chic and glamorous choice. Shown here: The regency-style Emerson 80″ sofa with loose back pillows and T-cushions, hand-tailored in our North American workshops. Available in fabric and leather and equally as lovely skirted or unskirted, it’s just begging to be personalized with your choice of cushion fill, welt, and trim options. Stop by your local Design Center to get started today.


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