Adorable Pet Portraits! #EthanAllenPets

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram (and if you don’t, please do!), you’ve probably seen the unbelievably cute collection of pet portraits we’ve shared this month. Are we using cute animals to make our furniture look irresistible? You bet we are! By the way—the pets in those cute pet photos are all owned by people who work at Ethan Allen.

So how did these pet pictures come together? Our photographers started by doing some sample shots with some very helpful fluffy (and not-so-fluffy) understudies:

Then, magic time! We invited our pets to the studio and asked them to pose for the camera. The atmosphere was electric. Our photographers called out, “Work it! You’re a goddess! Give us a big smile, beautiful!”

Just kidding. We bribed them with yummy treats. LOTS of treats.

Of course, once they had curled up and gotten comfy on the furniture, they didn’t always want to jump down. So, we cajoled them. We begged. (Wait a minute—who owns whom?) Like great gymnasts, our pets nailed the dismount. Eventually. Okay, honestly, it took a lot of begging and bribing.

Not every photo we took made the collection. Check out our outtakes—the pet portraits  that were too “ruff” to post.

Now, for the finale: It’s our grand gallery, our Ethan Allen pet-palooza, a plethora of posed pet pageantry. And a reminder that Ethan Allen furniture isn’t just for looking at; it’s for living with—from high-performance fabrics that stand up to real life, to pet-friendly rugs that mix beauty with easy upkeep.

Without further ado, here’s our collection of cute pet photos:

It’s not too late to get in on the fun! Upload your more adorable pet pictures to Instagram and tag them #EthanAllenPets.



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