The shorter days of fall are here—time to hit the lights! Our lamps and chandeliers do more than just brighten up your rooms. From gorgeous glazed ceramic to striking iron, these spectacular accents are crafted from a mix of materials, and each deliver a unique ambience and style.



From glazed ceramic to textural earthenware, table lamps, crafted from clay, are spectacular in craftsmanship and style. Get the most from these handcrafted works of art: Make a style statement in the entryway or add captivating color, texture, and shine in the living room and bedroom.

The Hadlee table lamp has a dazzling earthenware base that’s been scored, carved, and painted with a reactive glaze that produces a metallic bronze finish. This lustrous, textured style, crafted entirely by hand, works with range of looks, from glamorous and luxurious to earthy and modern.

From crisp classic to coastal looks, the New Lucca table lamp brings a unique look to your rooms. Its ceramic base is molded from clay, the worked by hand create its unique texture and ridges. Its then finished with blue and white reactive glazes for a beautiful variegated effect.

The Lala Ombre table lamp is down to earth yet dazzling, with a unique drip pattern that artisans create using three layers of reactive glaze. If you look closely, you’ll find subtle metallic hints. Its classic form and captivating color adds a simple stroke of glamour to casual settings.



Nothing quite matches the light-reflecting power and lucid grace of glass fixtures. Use them to balance the visual weight of wood and metal furnishings, or in open floor plans and small spaces to maintain a light, airy feel.

The Lalita glass pendant is clearly captivating! Mouth-blown from recycled glass, its available in a variety of sizes and shapes, in gray, yellow, and purple. Imagine the possibilities: Hang a single pendant for a simple retro-modern twist, or mix and match them in a group to create a cool, modern-rustic lighting design.

The Valdis table lamp is a bold beauty: It looks like it’s crafted from brass, steel, and stone, but it’s actually made from reactive vapor glass with a gray and silver finish and a pretty opalescent patina.

Crafted from translucent gray glass with a dimpled texture, the Tino table lamp has versatile style with a bit of a retro vibe. Set a pair on bedside tables to add a light touch of texture and depth to the bedroom.



Whether your style leans modern, industrial, traditional, eclectic, or global, lighting crafted from metals like iron, aluminum, and steel complement practically any aesthetic. Available in a range of finishes, they can be graceful or strong, sleek or architectural, textural or lustrous. Don’t be afraid to mix metal lighting fixtures with your furnishings; they work harmoniously with wood, glass, acrylic—you name it!

The Karone wire pendant is all the buzz! Made from handcrafted mesh and finished in antique brass, its unique beehive-shaped iron “shade” can be scrunched up or straightened to take on the look you want. Hung in a group of three, at different heights, Karone really shines.

The Elsa chandelier dazzles with simple elegance. Its exquisite, airy design, crafted from iron with a galvanized matte black finish, adds an eye-catching element to casual and formal dining rooms alike.

The Macie table lamp updates to the classic pharmacy lamp with a decidedly modern, sculptural vibe. Its versatility is endlessly appealing, making it a go-to for guest rooms, home office spaces, bedrooms, and entryways.




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