Today kicks off National Pet Month and we’re excited to have a reason to share our appreciation for pets. We’re passionate about helping people create homes they love—and that means more than just sharing the latest in home design trends, like the 2018 Pantone color of the year, and real interior design projects from our own designers.

When it comes to the art of making home, pets play an important part.  They make cozy throws even cozier, have personalities as colorful as works of art,  and they bring more beauty into our lives than any piece of furniture ever could.


What better way to celebrate National Pet Month than with cute pet pictures! We invited some of our in-house pet owners and their beloved animal companions into the photo studio for pet portraits. We’ll be sharing them throughout the month, as well as some very special pet illustrations by Paul Shaw, manager of our Metairie, Louisiana, Design Center, whose beautiful artwork was recently featured in our State of the Art post.

And we’d like you to get in on the fun too! Tag photos of your pets with #EthanAllenPets on Instagram and tell us what you love most about your pet so we can find them and share the love!

So, let’s start celebrating with a look at a few ways pets bring joy and comfort into our homes:

They make us smile…

“The minute I come home, at least three cats come to welcome me! It always makes me smile to see their little faces!” Gwen Wilkinson, Associate Merchant and her clowder

 “When you look at her, she just casually rolls over on to her back, expecting a belly rub.” Kyle Rodgers, Video Editor and Barbara the dog

…and sing!

“Quentin and I love to sing in the morning! We make up our own lyrics, but we both squeak and howl to get us in the right mood for the day.”  Paul Shaw, Design Center Manager, Metairie, Louisiana, and Quentin the dog

They make us laugh…

“He is obsessed with his Lamb Chop (dog toy) collection. There’s a large basket of them near the front door from which he selects certain ones each day. At one point, we discovered that he had lined them up in front of the window so they could look outside.”  Greg McMahan, Senior Art Director and Clarence the dog

…and amaze us!

“Tater can hear a bag of chips a mile away. It’s become a challenge—we try to open the bag without it making a sound, but Tater comes running from the other end of the house every time. He can even hear cheese. I don’t know how he does it.” Donna Boccuzzi, Production Project Manager and her dog

They warm our hearts… 

“I love how they look up at me with such sweet eyes, even when treats are not involved.” Miller Opie, Social Media Creative Director and her dogs, Amelia and Django

 “I have special ‘Chico and me’ time after I get into my comfies in the evening. I put a pillow on the bed and he curls up on that while I curl my arms around him.” Karen Marino, Senior Art Director and Chico the cat

 …and ease our minds..

“I was given the opportunity to adopt Tucker when we both were going through a rough spot in our lives. I cannot wait to go home at the end of every day and see my buddy.  All the stress melts away when I see him and life is good.” Andrea Fenton, Product Manager and Tucker the dog

Be sure to stay tuned! We’re sniffing out a few more fun stories to share, including pet-friendly home design ideas, and a playful feature on Oliver (@oliver_in_charge), the famous Instagram pup who stole the heart of our Design Star, Nikki Brouillette.






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