We’ve just added new pieces to our custom art selection! Find out what our custom art tool is all about and how our custom art is made.

Art is personal; it speaks to us, even though we don’t always know why. Sometimes, it’s the palette—vibrant colors that energize us, softer hues that soothe. At other times, it’s the content: photograph of a landmark we’ve never seen, or a painting of a flower so vivid we can almost feel the dew on its petals.

Ethan Allen’s custom art program is designed to help you find art that speaks to your soul and your senses and then personalize it to fit the context of your space. We kicked off the program in Summer 2017 and, based on its success, recently expanded it. We invite you to discover what’s new, see a step-by-step guide for using our custom art tool, and learn how our artisans take your artwork from concept to creation.

What’s New

When we decided to expand our custom art program, we listened to requests from our clients and designers. We sought more black and white works and pieces that had more red and blue tones; with a wider range of color options, we hope our selection truly offers something for everyone.

We also looked for styles that had a more modern perspective, reflecting the trends we’re seeing both in the art world and in the spaces our clients are designing. Many of our clients love to decorate with abstract art, so to meet demand, we incorporated more works from abstract artists like Maeve Harris and Paul Ngo.

We kept traditional subjects like florals, but the artists rendered them with a fresh perspective: larger in scale, more abstract, and more contemporary. One of our favorite new pieces is Weeping Bouquet, a floral series that mixes impressionism with deliberate linear distortions to create a more layered, complex visual and emotional statement.

Additionally, we added more small-scale options so that clients could display great artwork in any space, no matter its size. More size options also give clients the flexibility to design a gallery wall that brings multiple works together.

Making Your Custom Art: a Step by Step Guide

Ethan Allen’s custom art tool takes you through the process of customizing your chosen artwork step by step. Navigate to the page and click the button to get started.


You can scroll through the complete selection to see if something speaks to you, or you can filter by subject or artist. If you have a look in mind, you can also type in a search term to focus your options.

Once you’ve chosen your artwork, click “Next” at the bottom left. You’ll be taken to a format page where you can choose your medium (paper or canvas, where available) and a size to suit your space.

Choose a frame that won’t overwhelm the piece. Think of the frame as an embellishment; it can unify multiple works, or it can either reflect or complement materials and colors in the surrounding space.

After selecting your frame, you’ll choose details like molding, mats, fillets, and colored bevels. (For the latest program update, we added two new bevel colors: Smoky Gray and Sepia Brown.) As you make selections, the preview image will update so you can get an idea of how the finished work will look. It’s worth noting: Since our custom art is framed by hand, no two works are alike, and the finished product may not look exactly like the digital preview you’re seeing.

Once you’ve chosen your options, you’ll get the chance to preview your artwork in a space. You can preview it within a few different room types, against a range of wall colors.

To make changes before you finalize everything, use the “Back” button on the bottom left (instead of using the back button on your browser, which will take you all the way back to the beginning). Once you’re happy with the way things look, add your custom-designed art to your shopping cart and complete your purchase.

Truly Personal Experience

To bring your creation to life, Ethan Allen’s artisans begin by commissioning a print of your chosen artwork, which is created at the art house using giclée printing. Giclée creates a reproduction as close as possible to the character of the original piece. Printed from a high-resolution digital file, each giclée print is crafted from specially pigmented inks designed to produce the truest possible UV- and fade-resistant colors. Each is printed on archival paper or canvas to ensure long-lasting quality.

Based on the specs you enter in the custom art tool, Ethan Allen artisans then cut each frame by hand, and they hand-cut and attach any fillets by hand. They also cut mats by hand and paint bevel lines by hand to ensure your artwork is one of a kind.

After completing the back of the frame, they inspect each piece carefully to make sure every element is perfect—and as you requested. Only then is your custom artwork released for delivery.

Ready to Start Creating?

View our custom art tool to check out our new and best-selling selections. If you need help, our designers are here for you: Call your local Design Center, or (for U.S. clients) start an online chat.

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—The Ethan Allen Design Team

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