We Are Ethan Allen

Today we honor a folk hero—and the heroes we work with every day.

Ethan Allen was a soldier and a statesman who led the charge to capture Fort Ticonderoga from the British during the American Revolution. Because he’s our namesake, we pause on June 23 (Ethan Allen Day in Vermont) to remember the contributions this patriot made to our nation and our democracy.

Ethan Allen Day is also an opportunity to give a shout-out to the hundreds of hardworking people who keep our company humming. From the skilled craftsmen and women in Vermont and North Carolina who create our furniture, to the design consultants all over the world who help our customers make beautiful homes, we’d be nowhere without them! Meet some of them here … and more at #WeAreEthanAllen.


Farooq Kathwari, Chairman, President & CEO, Danbury, CT World Headquarters


Jerry, Pine Valley, NC Workshop


Bermudez, Silao, Mexico Workshop


Derrick, Maiden, NC Workshop


Tad, Fort Lauderdale, FL Design Center


Karen, Danbury, CT World Headquarters


Alec, New Milford, CT Photo Studio


Shawn, Orleans, VT Workshop


Dominic & Yaminah, 915 Broadway, NYC Design Center


Josh, Orleans, VT Workshop


Janusz, Passaic, NJ Workshop


Janet, Austin, TX Design Center


Dave, Orleans, VT Workshop


Nathan, Plymouth, MA Design Center


Happy Ethan Allen Day! #WeAreEthanAllen


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Ethan Allen Design Team

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