Make Your Mark with Monogrammed Home Décor

What started more than a thousand years ago as a practical way to ID currency and personal belongings has since evolved into a letter-perfect way to show off your signature style…


Monograms first appeared on coins as early as 350 BC. Used to identify the city from which the currency originated, the first known example was issued in Achaea, Greece, and displayed the first two letters of the city’s name, alpha (A) and chi (X).

Tracery Dining Table and Josephine Side Chairs

Tracery Dining Table and Josephine Side Chairs


Later, nobility adopted the art of monogramming, which was often used as part of the insignia for their property on items such as police badges and coats of arms.

In the Victorian era, monograms became a symbol of aristocracy. Upper-class families added family initials to everything from cutlery to stationery.

Claudine Twin headboard

Claudine Twin Headboard (other sizes available)



You don’t have to be a blue blood to add your monogram to home furnishings and décor. Starting at just $60, our monograms are available on select fabric upholstery in your choice of type treatments and 16 thread colors.

Love the look of monogrammed bedding? Then check out Luxury Threads by Ethan Allen, a custom program that brings the ultimate in personal style to the bedroom.

Luxury Threads by Ethan Allen

Luxury Threads by Ethan Allen (available in Design Centers only)


Monogramming available in Design Centers only. For more ways to make a statement, read our If Walls Could Talk post.



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