Whether you’re oceanside or landlocked, life can be beachy with these three coastal room décor essentials.

A Palette of Sand and Sea

Anchor your coastal room décor in the essential colors of the beach: blue, white, and sand. This palette can take on a range of personalities, depending on how colors are used. A space dominated by contrast – navy and crisp white, with touches of sand – tends to be invigorating. A more neutral space – sand and white with hints of sky blue – feels more serene.

Touchable Texture

Use natural fibers with variations in surface feel: a sofa slipcovered in cotton, baskets woven from abaca or seagrass. Add grooved wood and smooth metal pieces that take you back to the boardwalk. Then, bring it back home with cozy blankets, plush pillows and a soft rug that feels good underfoot.


Coastal Accents

Choose a range of accessories, from those that are clearly nautical by nature to those with a more subtle seaside vibe. Here are a few options:


From table lamp bases inspired by coral to rope-wrapped chandeliers that can go formal or casual, you can use lighting for much more than ambience in a coastal space.


Create your own ocean views, depending on your taste. Large-scale abstract seascapes, 3D pieces crafted from shells or pressed seaweed, and beach photos can all set the scene.

Objets d’Ocean

Finish with accessories that are from the sea or inspired by ocean life, or collect pieces that tell tales of ocean voyages.

Need More Coastal Design Ideas?

Ethan Allen’s designers are always available to help you create your personal coastal getaway. Bring things that inspire you, like magazine pages and photos, to one of our Design Centers, or schedule an in-home appointment with one of our designers (their help is always free).

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