Makeover Monday: Creating a Collected Look

Take your space from spare to spectacular by adding a gallery wall of art. It’s one of the easiest ways to make a personal statement at home, so feel free to mix photography with paintings and prints. The trick is to hang artwork with a collected look: images that tell a color story and/or have a common theme.

This sweet dining ensemble is a study in proportion and pure form; our Adam pedestal table and Gilbert side chairs are a perfect fit for the small space. They make a lovely vignette, and yet it feels like the room could use just a little love.

Gallery wall to the rescue! Simply framed prints add balance and help to underscore the contrast between black and white in the space. We chose prints with a similar feel, most them nature-inspired line drawings, with varied sizes to lend visual interest. To give your collection a professional look, check out our video: How to Hang a Gallery Wall.

CATEGORY: Home Styling Tips

Ethan Allen Design Team

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