Five ways with the versatile Lora

She’s pretty and practical, our Lora bar. She’s sturdy, with a solid wooden frame, rugged rattan top and shelves, and rails that keep bottles and barware in place. But Lora’s more than a suitable spot for stashing spirits and stemware. She’s exotic, with a refined silhouette, wafer-thin mahogany veneers—and a tropical air. She’s an island girl with an easygoing attitude that can work any room—and is she ever helpful around the house!

Want high style in a small place? Look no further. Need a place to store (and show off) pretty things? Three roomy (2-by-3-foot) shelves at your service. Serving cocktails? Lora is always ready for a party. Taking tea? Totally! Will your guests be staying the night? Think outside the tissue box and furnish your guest room in luxury and style.

You can dress Lora for any occasion—here are a few ideas for inspiration. Check back for posts on how to get all five looks: Traveler, Tea Time, Silver Jubilee, Comfort Zone, and Mixed Drinks. Meanwhile, use your imagination; we’d love to see how you style the best bar in town. Tag photos on Instagram and we might feature them on our site. #ethanallendesign


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