Summer is the perfect time to bring some color into your life. Check out these inspiration photos and tips for great summer decorating ideas.

Summer. It’s the season for bold blooms and emerald leaves—the season of color. If you’re like a lot of people, you’re ready to nix winter’s neutral palette and embrace the full spectrum of summer.

Of course, seasonal changes aren’t the only reason to add color to your space.

  • You may be an apartment dweller whose landlord insists on covering every wall with a coat of primer and keeping it that way.
  • You could be trying to escape the 1990s suburban development palette of beige, beige, and more beige.
  • You’ve gotten a bold new lease on life, and you want your home to show it!

Check out these summer decorating ideas, from subtle to splashy, that will help you bring some color into your space.

Add a Little Color Here and There

You don’t have to go big and paint your walls Ultra Violet (although it is the color of the year!). Instead, you can start by bringing in a bit of color using decorative accents, like pillows, florals, candles, and more.

Starting small is a great idea when you’re not quite sure what you like, and it’s a lot less expensive that reupholstering your sofa in lime green and regretting it later. You can experiment with some small accents for a while and easily switch them out when you’re ready for something new.

Make a Bigger Statement

If you’re more confident about your palette, but again, you’re not quite ready for that lime green sofa, then choose some bolder statement pieces that bring the pizazz. Larger-scale summer room décor, like a stunning piece of abstract artwork, can create bolder strokes—again, without breaking the bank.

Making a statement isn’t only about color; it’s also about expressing your personality and being surrounded by what you love. It’s okay to stick with neutral colors on your investment pieces, but when it comes to art, rugs, bedding, or other statement accents, follow your heart: Choose pieces in colors that make you feel happy in your space.

Go All In for Color

If you’re ready for a sofa decked out in a bold pattern—lime green? Hey, go big or go home!—then you’re ready to commit to upholstering in color. When you’re making these big decisions, help from an Ethan Allen designer can really make a difference. Visit a Design Center to check out our extensive fabric and leather options. Help from our designers is always free—and fabulous.

That Color Looks Great on You!

Check out the inspiration images below for some ideas, big and small, about bringing color into your space. Also, keep an eye out for our new augmented reality app, inHome—it will give you the power to preview Ethan Allen furniture and decorative accessories, right in your space.

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