Make Yourself a Home

Everyone knows home is a reflection of oneself, but do you know what image your place is conveying to those who visit you?

Is it telling them about the person you are, your interests, and your design style? Do you wish that every room in your house felt more like home?

We’ve got the solution—three of them, actually. Buckhead, Santa Monica, and Brooklyn (coming in August)—our latest looks—offer all the comfort and style you’re looking for, plus enough versatility that you can put your own stamp on them. So, which one’s for you?


Buckhead Living Room

You favor a refined style, a sophisticated sensibility, rooms that feel curated.
You have an affinity for timeless design and a passion for greenery. You believe that luxury should be livable. You and Buckhead belong together. We call this fresh, new look “tradition with a twist.” A nod to Atlanta’s posh suburb, Buckhead is infused with European heritage and Southern charm. Inspired by lavish interiors and lush gardens, Buckhead is seductive, in a summery way. It’s classic, charming, and comfortable—perfect for anyone who appreciates beauty and the finer things in life.



Santa Monica Dining Room

“Relax” is your mantra. You would choose sand over city streets any day.
You love the look and feel of washed and weathered finishes; your ideal room is a porch, patio, or deck. Santa Monica is in your soul. It’s a casual look that blends breezy beach house style with vintage farmhouse flair. It invites you to sink in, kick back, and wind down. Inspired by the relaxed vibe of its namesake California coastal town, Santa Monica is worry-free—just like you.



Brooklyn Bedroom (Available in August)

You’re fueled by city lights and breathtaking skylines.
You love colliding ideas, styles, and looks, and being surrounded by anything urban and authentic. You appreciate industry and artistry in equal measure. You and Brooklyn are a perfect fit. Brooklyn (the look) is cosmopolitan, cultured, and diverse—like all the best cities. It sits at the intersection of city style and country charm, mixing things up, celebrating texture and building materials at every turn. You don’t have to live in Brooklyn to live the lifestyle; you already do.


CATEGORY: Room Design

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