For our Ethan Allen | Disney collection, we wanted to create seating that would be very special for little kids and big kids. Ta-da! We created the Tuft Love Sofette, pictured here in glam hot pink plush velvet. It’s super soft—and it's stain resistant, too! To get the full luxurious effect of just how fabulous plush velvet is, we had to tuft it—button tuft it, to be exact. It’s all done by hand by our craftspeople: One. Stitch. At a time. We added chrome nailhead trim for an extra touch of pretty bling, and the hand-finished ice-cream-cone-inspired legs add another scoop of sweetness! Love it. Oh, just one more scoop: This month get your Tuft Love Settee shipped for free! Get more info here. Designed for you, The Ethan Allen design Team