Today marks the beginning of flag season in America. Take a walk around Anytown, USA and you’ll find Old Glory everywhere: decorating the lawn, lining the sidewalks, in windows, hanging on front doors, and rippling in the breeze at the top of a flagpole. Many of us fly our flags through the summer because red-white-and-blue holidays abound (Memorial Day is today; Flag Day is June 14; Independence Day is July 4; and Labor Day is September 4 this year). We have a better idea: Why not show your patriotism (and good taste) by displaying the Stars and Stripes indoors—in a uniquely artful way—all year long? A few years back we decided to partner with Annin Flag, the oldest flag manufacturer in the US. Annin has been in the business of meticulously stitching flags in its own American workshops since 1847, so we knew we’d made a good choice when we commissioned three iconic styles of American flags, in three sizes (the largest is more than six feet wide). Since we live in the land of opportunity, we reasoned you should be able to choose the way you want to display your Stars and Stripes. THE ONE WE KNOW AND LOVE The US flag has thirteen stripes (for each of the thirteen original colonies) and fifty stars (one for each state). By order of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, it was named the official flag of the United States on July 4, 1960. THE BETSY ROSS This flag with thirteen stripes and a ring of thirteen white stars is an early version commonly attributed to Ross, a Philadelphia seamstress. It was adopted by the Continental Congress on June 14, 1777 and remained the fledgling nation's official flag until 1795. THE BENNINGTON This flag features thirteen white stars and a “76” commemorating the year the Declaration of Independence was signed. Dating from circa 1812, it is thought to be the oldest US flag showing stars and stripes. All of our American-made flags are mounted on linen under glass and hand-framed by artisans in our own Passaic, New Jersey, workshop. Display yours in an ebony or white shadowbox frame and show your patriotism your way—today and always. On this Memorial Day, we honor the memory of the men and women whose bravery has made our freedom possible. In appreciation of their service,                                                                              —Your Ethan Allen Style Team          
We simply adore Joelle. From the hand-carved apron and legs to the milky painted finish—what’s not to love? When we designed this console table, we were inspired by the Louis XV style (also known as the French rococo style) that was both decorative and a little simpler than the Louis XIV style. The French rococo style was also notable for its superior craftsmanship. Back then, painted wood furniture was used to unify a room with painted wall panels and other furnishings. Funny thing is, that historic POV is still relevant today! Get more of Joelle’s back story here.  
Kathy Vigoda has been designing chic spaces for satisfied Ethan Allen clients for six years—but she’s been perfecting her styling skills for more than thirty! Kathy, who works out of our Design Center in Hartsdale, New York, is our latest Design Star! No matter the scale or budget, her projects have a distinctly finished, magazine-worthy look. “I love it any time I can complete a room with all the bells and whistles,” she says. Kathy recently shared with us five design principles that guide her every step of the way toward the “big reveal.”
  1. Think Scale Size matters in interior design. Too often people choose things like rugs, lamps, and artwork that are simply too small for a room.
  2. Create Symmetry Creating balance in a room can be a bit intuitive. You may not always be able to articulate why it feels right, but if you create symmetry, you won’t go wrong.
  3. Add Texture and Color Mix materials whenever possible, and add touches of color that echo a larger element in a room, such as pillows in the same color as the drapes.
  4. Provide Contrast This often refers to color, but you can create contrast with texture or shape, too. For example, a room with lots of edges can be softened by a round rug.
  5. Edit. Edit. Edit. Kathy’s rule of thumb: before you walk out of a room for the last time, turn around and study it—and then take one piece out!
The stone fireplace inspires a mix of natural textures, including leather upholstery, the Beam Metal Base Coffee Table (with knotty oak top), a faux flower arrangement, and globes made of 100% recycled glass. Monochromatic does not mean boring! In this brand-new dining room, Kathy introduces several light elements, including upholstered chairs and our Zoe Eight-Light Nickel Chandelier for contrast against the dark table. Form meets function in this living room arrangement featuring our Landon bench, a “coffee table” scaled to fill the space created by a sectional. An unconventional pairing of dark leather and white legs creates contrast, too. The furniture placement in this room is all about symmetry: the windows flanking the sofa, the end tables, and the Giselle chairs. Color comes to the fore with deep pink drapes, which Kathy also picked up in the floral arrangement and accent pillow. This is a classic example of how shape can provide contrast. The room is all angles (the wainscoting, rug, buffet, single wide window), but the all-important Ashcroft dining table provides balance (and drama). Simple symmetry owns the day in this living room: the three-part Evan coffee table, the end tables with lamps, even the pair of mirrors. Kathy says the client wanted one very large mirror, but she suggested two, and they loved the idea.   To see more of Kathy's design work, click here.  
For our Ethan Allen | Disney collection, we wanted to create seating that would be very special for little kids and big kids. Ta-da! We created the Tuft Love Sofette, pictured here in glam hot pink plush velvet. It’s super soft—and it's stain resistant, too! To get the full luxurious effect of just how fabulous plush velvet is, we had to tuft it—button tuft it, to be exact. It’s all done by hand by our craftspeople: One. Stitch. At a time. We added chrome nailhead trim for an extra touch of pretty bling, and the hand-finished ice-cream-cone-inspired legs add another scoop of sweetness! Love it. Oh, just one more scoop: This month get your Tuft Love Settee shipped for free! Get more info here. Designed for you, The Ethan Allen design Team      
Just like Mom, our florals are perfect in every way. They’re artfully composed, crafted by hand—and they never wilt or need watering. A true-to-life floral arrangement is timeless, and it makes a thoughtful gift for mom (or a friend or loved one) any time of year. Just how lifelike are our blooms? We wanted to have some fun and see if you can tell the difference here! Happy Mother's Day! The Ethan Allen Design Team
We love Biscayne. Stylishly timeless, it's the perfect blend of classic and modern. With features that include strong cast aluminum frames with double-X motifs, gentle scrolls, and elegantly curved stretchers, this collection can work beautifully indoors as well as outdoors. Choose from glass and porcelain tabletops, three finishes, and cushions in a variety of soft, durable performance fabrics. The Biscayne Collection really is the best of form and function! See more here. Designed for you, The Ethan Allen Design Team      
Knowledge is gained, treatments are developed, and hope is renewed thanks to the tireless efforts of organizations like Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the world’s oldest and largest private cancer center. They have devoted more than 130 years to exceptional patient care, research, and educational programs. The fight against cancer is a worthy one. We're proud to join Sloan Kettering in the fight. [...]