Everything small is big again—especially in today’s condensed dining spaces.

It’s official: The banquet-sized dining room is a thing of the past. Today’s dining room is smaller, more intimate—and no longer used for only two or three holidays a year. Today’s dining area still invites family gatherings, but it’s often simply an extension of the living room or kitchen. Naturally, smaller furniture had to follow. Scaled down with a modern vibe, our fall dining introductions are just the thing.

Check out some of our lighter menu options:

Smart, simple proportions give Jewel high marks in both function and form. An airy, understated feel makes it a new transitional classic. Also available as a counter stool.

Hoyt mixes materials in the most stylish way, pairing a walnut veneered top with a free-form metal base that looks substantive without making a small dining space feel crowded.

Table for two? Our Hazelton with its 36-inch top is ready when you are. With a starburst beauty of a base, this sculptural piece fits anywhere and elevates dining at home.

Sweet and understated, Vera’s petite silhouette, rounded back, and generously cushioned seat bring comfort and style to any dining area (super-sized spaces not required).

The modern Montclaire has a pleasing minimalist profile. Two spacious drawers (think table linens, flatware) atop a steel base form simple geometry that’s simply exquisite.

Scale it down, clip its silhouette, minimize its twists and turns, and make it out of bronze-finished aluminum. Voilà! You have a modern Windsor chair updated for today.

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This post kicks off the Inside Story series, where we’ll show you how we design the beautiful rooms in our ads and magazines. Here, deconstructing one of our most popular living rooms so you can see for yourself how it came to be—and how you can create one like it.

We call it Nautical by Nature because there’s just no getting around the inspiration: We went coastal, in a big way! But the room is proof positive that you don’t have to live at the shore to create the perfect seaside retreat (shhh … we shot it in our quite landlocked Connecticut studio). It has all the trappings of a fresh, inviting, and effortlessly composed cottage. It’s a relaxed, easygoing space that looks like it could live anywhere; it just feels like it’s steps from the beach.

Don’t worry if you’re not started with the same “canvas” we did (whitewashed beadboard paneling and painted floors, not to mention the sliding barn door), you most definitely can build your room around a timeless, crisp blue-and-white palette. Stay true to these hues and you’re halfway there.

Here’s how to get the look:

  • Keep seating relaxed and summery. Here, the Marina sofa is casual, comfortable, livable, and made to order. It’s covered in denim blue ticking for a beachy-keen vibe. Clara redefines the classic wing chair with its soft, gentle curves, and it looks even better in cool, white pairs.


  • Embrace the weathered look. Our go-anywhere Beam coffee table and end table—with knotty white oak planked tops resting on sturdy, rustic iron bases—are both pretty and practical.


  • Act naturally. The Glass Plum Jar lamp is mouth blown by a skilled artisan; a burlap shade gives it rustic charm. Dense bulrushes that grow in the Philippines are twisted into rope and woven over a metal frame to create our sturdy Bailey Island floor baskets and Wilsby woven bowls. Made of eco-friendly mango wood, Dillon white candleholders are lathed, sanded, and finished by hand.


  • Choose nautical accents, natch. Our Denim Anchor print was faithfully reproduced from an actual worn denim jacket with an image of an anchor bleached into it. The Triton Shell in Cloche was inspired by curiosities of the natural world. The Oxton oars were repurposed for a whimsical, preppy, summery touch, and Coastal View is a fine art giclée depicting an elegant shoreline view designed to soothe the senses and create a calming aura.


  • Show your soft side. Bring on some texture with mostly blue-and-white pillows (neutrals are welcome, too). Add lightweight cotton throws for a cool look (and a warming touch) to complete your restful (and refreshing) sea-worthy space.

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You’ve seen Lora dressed for the Kentucky Derby and kitted out as the star of the best guest room ever. This month, we’re sharing tips for turning this bar cart into a fab, functional, modern-looking marvel.

An uncluttered workspace is a good workspace! Leave plenty of room on the top shelf for prepping, mixing, and serving. When you’re not putting Lora to work, it’s easy to style her for the season with a bowl of fruit, a few succulents, or some flowers (fresh or faux).

Save some space and time when you’re hosting: Cut citrus in advance; spear some olives on toothpicks if martinis are on the menu, and keep them in a low jar in their brine.

A little task light can go a long way! If the base is small and the body is slender, you’ll add useful light without taking away from the utility of the space. (Check out our brand new Magnus desk lamp for inspiration – coming soon!)

Give your hardworking bar a focal point: A small framed print or photograph propped on the top shelf (or even hung right above it) says that even the most functional space can have flair. For a modern look like ours, go abstract.

Add pops of color with bright glassware – or rely on the pretty hue of the delightful drink in your pitcher to jazz things up!

Now for the supplies: Ice bucket and tongs? Check! Cocktail shaker and a spiffy stainless steel 1 oz./2 oz. jigger? Check! Foil cutter, corkscrew, and bottle opener? Check times three! The second shelf is a great spot to stash the tools you’ll need for any occasion.

Even a petite bar like Lora has room for the ingredients for success: Bourbon, gin, rum, scotch, tequila, triple sec, and vodka are the building blocks from which most popular beverages are mixed.

Are you thirsty yet? A classic Cosmopolitan is pretty, pink, and perfectly refreshing. Here’s our favorite recipe – stir it up by the pitcher to satisfy a crowd.

Cosmopolitan Cocktail

  • 1 1/2 oz vodka
  • 1/4 oz lime juice
  • 1/4 oz triple sec
  • 1/4 oz cranberry juice
  • 1 cup ice
  • 1 lime wedge for garnish

Combine vodka, lime juice, triple sec, and cranberry juice in a cocktail shaker. Add ice, cover and shake until chilled. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with lime wedge.

*This classic Cosmopolitan recipe has been brought to you by, www.allrecipes.com


Check out the video to see five ways we set the bar with Lora!

Style setter and guest blogger Alia Ahmed-Yahia shares her “ten percent further” strategy for unlocking your own personal style, your home’s best look, your brand.

By Alia Ahmed-Yahia

If I walked into your living room and you weren’t home, would I know it was yours? Does it look like you? Is it furnished with things you love? Does it reflect your style? You’d be surprised at the number of people who answer no to those questions—and how many tell me it’s because they think they don’t have a style. I believe everyone has a style. We’re all instinctively drawn to certain looks and I say go with it! The challenge isn’t inventing your style, it’s discovering what it is—and then tapping into it.

I wasn’t born a style expert—trust me, I didn’t land my first job as a fashion assistant at Vanity Fair because of my fashion sense. Back then if you had asked me to articulate my style I probably would have given you a blank stare. In those early years, I focused on learning about myself. For the first time in my life, I was living my personality out in my look—and it was different—but instead of feeling like I didn’t fit in, I felt empowered. When I look back, I can confidently say that the way I showed up to the world every day was one hundred percent me.

We live in a socially driven world with an overwhelming amount of inspiration at our fingertips. How do you want to be seen so you stand out? How do you want to communicate your “brand” to everyone around you? Unless you work in the style industry, you’ve probably never pressed pause long enough to ask yourself these questions. What’s the “secret” to unlocking your own authentic style? Look around, be aware, take note of the things you’re attracted to—and then borrow the ideas that appeal to you. Be bold. And remember, it isn’t about putting things together perfectly, it’s about understanding the small surprises and elements that make you—and by extension, your home—unique.

Visualize how you want to live. Allow yourself to experiment and dream. Get out there. Browse home furnishings stores. Look at shelter magazines. Check out interior designers’ websites. Try things out. Evolve, shift, stay put, move on. Remember there’s no absolute “right” or “wrong.” We think we don’t do it “right” on the first try, we must not have what it takes. In reality, that tension between something familiar and something completely new is what makes style interesting. The trick is finding that tipping point—the place you imagine you’d go if you couldn’t get it “wrong.”

My advice is to take your look “ten percent further”—to that exhilarating place you want to be. Make one little change that takes you outside your comfort zone. Try that thing you’ve never tried because you aren’t completely sure how to pull it off. Allow yourself to inexplicably react to things you love (even if you aren’t sure how to make them a reality) and commit to them as your “ten percent.”

Thinking in terms of ten percent gives you a tangible roadmap as you begin to design (or redesign) a space. It’s a little like taking baby steps; they make all the difference in the world. For example, if my ten percent is gilded objects and black high-gloss trim, and yours is layered Moroccan rugs, our rooms would be uniquely ours—even if we started with the same core pieces.  As you begin to develop your look, bring it to the forefront of your home, make it a focal point, repeat it multiple times, and downplay the elements around it so it can be a proper “hero.”

Keep doing this and before long, you’ll be getting credit for not only having style, but for having a signature style of your own.

Alia is a style and branding consultant and the creative force behind the #harpersbazaar #DesignGirlfriend series. See what’s she up to on Instagram @thestylescout and discover new ways to make your home your own every day: Subscribe to The Art of Making Home.

Put the finishing touches on your outdoor décor with gorgeous outdoor accents! These outdoor accessories stand up to the elements—and they look beautiful doing it.

The garden gnomes at Ethan Allen have been very busy this spring and summer!

In May, we launched a new selection of pillows, cushion fabrics, umbrellas, and outdoor rugs. We’re also launching two new lines of patio furniture in August: Vero Dunes, an all-weather wicker wonder, and the modern teak Bridgewater Cove collection. In addition to having the durability and quality you expect from Ethan Allen, they have clean lines and deep, comfortable seats, perfect for chatting at a garden party, lounging with a good book, or relaxing and watching the fireflies.

Decorating an outdoor room is a lot like decorating an indoor room. Well-designed outdoor spaces, like their indoor counterparts, are perfected with carefully chosen finishing touches. Once you’ve settled on the perfect patio furniture, these products, from gorgeous outdoor fabrics to stunning accessories, will help you top off your patio in style.

Fabulous Fabrics

Our new fabrics are color coordinated for easy mixing and matching. We start with three choices for cushions (navy, taupe, and white) to form the base for your outdoor palette.

The next thing to consider are pillows. In most instances, you can just pick your favorites and feel confident that they’ll play well together. Even so, these hints will help you mix patterns like a seasoned design pro—and of course, if you get stuck, you can always schedule a complimentary appointment with an Ethan Allen designer!

Take a look at this pillow-palooza from our recently released digital Home and Garden brochure. Here’s how we put it together:

  • You need a hero. Start with a hero pattern that’s bold and large in scale. We chose the Falco Indigo outdoor pillow, with its large medallion design, as our starting point.
  • Give it some sidekicks. Pair your hero with partners that share the same colors but have smaller patterns. Here, the Collins Indigo outdoor pillow, with its modern ikat pattern, and the Distin Navy outdoor pillow, with its diamonds, are complementary without being overwhelming.
  • Anchor it. The Reale Turquoise outdoor pillow has the dreamy appeal of an Caribbean oceanfront—but its solid styling helps your hero and sidekick grouping stay grounded.

The best thing about our outdoor cushion and pillow fabrics is that they’re as durable as they are beautiful. They’re made from Grade-D Sunbrella fabric that’s colorfast, stain- and mildew-resistant, and very easy to clean and maintain.

Of course, you have to be practical—no pillow left out in the elements, 24/7, is going to look perfect at the end of summer. It’s always a good idea to store your cushions or pillows when they’re not in use, and protect your furniture frames with sturdy, weather-resistant covers.

Ravishing Rugs

Once you’re chill-axing on your comfy cushions and pillows, it’s time to think about what’s underfoot. A rug really brings a room together, even outdoors. You can add pattern with rugs—either make the rug the hero or make sure it knows its place as a sidekick!—or choose a solid that fits your pillow pattern play.

For a bold, summery navy-and-white striped hero, choose our LaGrange rug.

Note that subtle patterns, like herringbone, can function as a solid while adding more visual interest. Our Willow Grove and Splendor Lake rugs, both available in five gorgeous color combos, make excellent sidekicks in any pattern story. Neutrals are also good, particularly when they add a textural touch. Check out our Marilla rug; its flat weave almost gives it the look of grasscloth, but it’s made from high-performance fibers. Finally, we’ll let you in on a little secret: both our pillows and our rugs are as lovely indoors as they are outdoors.

Unbeatable Umbrellas

Our patio umbrellas are no shrinking violets. Our rectangular models are 8′ x 11′, and our round umbrellas has a 9′ diameter, which helps ensure your garden party goes forward, rain or shine. They’re also vented to help them handle wind gusts and summer storms—but again, be practical. Make sure to crank them closed when you’re not using them.

Our patio dining tables are available with and without holes for your umbrella. If you choose a patio umbrella, make sure to purchase one of our decorative stands to support it. Our umbrellas are easy to tilt, to keep you shaded at any angle.

Take a look at our Home and Garden brochure to see how these outdoor styles come together. We’ve made it easy to take the art of making home outdoors.

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Summer brings warm days, cool drinks, and – sometimes! – vacationing visitors. With our Lora bar cart ideas for your guest room, you can be the host with the most.

They’ve traveled many weary miles, or maybe just across town. They’re staying for a week, or a weekend, or a night. You’ve opened your doors to them, and you want your overnight guests to feel like the VIPs they undoubtedly are.

Help is on the way—in the form of our Lora rattan bar.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you tie one on, although that’s one way to relax with your guests! Instead, we’re going to give you ideas for how to style a bar cart in a whole new way. Making guests in your home (or even in your Airbnb rental!) feel at home comes down to providing a few simple conveniences. Lora, as the perfect combination of organization and presentation, has you covered.

1. Luxurious Linens

In addition to providing clean sheets and pillowcases for the guest room, stock Lora with some bedding basics, like an extra blanket, pillows, or a cozy throw, so guests can make themselves as comfy as they’d like. Retailers often carry inexpensive unisex waffle-weave robes – another item your guests might appreciate. These items fold easily and tuck into Lora’s shelves.

Bonus: For cold nights, we love Naked Cashmere’s Helen hot water bottle. It’s a hot water bottle tucked into a cashmere sleeve—a gorgeous way for your guests to stay warm.

2. Spa Serenity

Provide guests with soaps, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other essentials. Place them in one of our Apollo apothecary jars and put the jar on one of Lora’s shelves. If there’s a tub and your guests are the soaking kind, bundle up some bath bombs or bubble bath to help them relax. Also, don’t skimp on the fluffy towels and washcloths! Lora has plenty of room for storage.

3. Everyday Electronics

Nothing is more frustrating than forgetting a hair dryer or a phone charger when you go on vacation. In addition to providing a spare hair dryer, keep an assortment of extra chargers, cords, and adapters for your guests—or even a charging pad if you’re feeling fancy! Roll the cords and secure them with hook and loop tape to keep them from getting tangled. Then, corral them in an Apollo jar, and place the jar on one of Lora’s shelves.

While you’re thinking of it, make sure there’s a visible, accessible electrical outlet or power strip, so guests don’t have to move your furniture to charge their phones or tablets. 

4. Marvelous Miscellany

As you’re coming up with ideas for your guest room cart, take a tip from Airbnb superhosts everywhere: It’s the little things that mean a lot.

  • Stock Lora with a stack of fun paperbacks or decorating lookbooks (stack heavy items on the bottom shelf to prevent tipping!);
  • light reading, like local magazines or The New Yorker, which has great fiction;
  • activities like Sudoku or crossword puzzles, a deck of cards, or a few board games; and
  • nonperishable sips and nibbles, like cookies, crackers, fruit, or nuts, plus a carafe of water.

As a finishing touch, top off your Lora guest cart with a vase of fresh flowers. And why not add a bottle of wine, a corkscrew, and some wine glasses? We’re talking about how to style your bar cart, after all!

With Lora in your corner, that little B&B down the road will have nothing on you! Whether you’re entertaining family and friends or making Airbnb guests at home, everyone will feel pampered and welcome – and you’ll earn that rep as the Best. Host. Ever.

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Hello, sunshine! Summer is upon us and it’s time to lighten up—in lots of ways. If your home is feeling out of season, read on! These simple summer decorating ideas are a breeze!


Nothing says summer casual quite like white slipcovers. Now, before you say, “no way” to white, think again. These comfy coverings are stain-resistant, durable, and easy to remove for cleaning. Still not sold? Sandy-hued neutrals can capture that easy summer vibe too!

The Dylan slipcovered sofa epitomizes summer’s relaxed attitude with a laid-back style and easy-to-clean white cotton twill fabric.


Always fun to decorate with, pillows are an instant game changer. Swap out richly colored styles for light, bright, and whimsical ones. Our designers suggest mixing it up with florals, stripes, coastal, and botanical motifs.

With its subtle shine and soft texture, the Metallic Pillow in blush adds sizzle to your summer style.

Looking for something more casual? Outdoor pillows offer chic, colorful looks that work beautifully for the indoors, too, and are super easy to clean.


What’s summer style without a nod to the shore? Coastal accents make perfect summer room décor. Create beach-inspired style with pieces that reflect what you love about the sea and sand. Does sailing make you swoon? Say it with art. Fascinated by sea life? Show your appreciation with chic coral décor pieces, or a unique coastal accent!

Our fanciful Crabs in Glass Cloches are handmade replicas of Maryland blue crabs, and look like finds from a walk on the shore.

Vintage Swimsuit I paper art is a whimsical bathing beauty; the swimsuit is hand-cut from a copy of a vintage map of Montauk.


Trays are a must for summer soirees. They should be large enough for your needs, light enough to carry when they’re loaded up, and made with well-secured handles or comfy hand-holds. Reflective styles that catch the natural daylight will serve up your tasty thirst quenchers with dazzle. These trays also work beautifully as coffee table accents or as places to organize toiletries in summer guest rooms.

The curvy Colette Tray in clear acrylic brings a dazzling modern vibe to the party!


It’s garden season—make the most of it! Plant your favorite flowers and greenery in containers for beautiful, always-fresh summer room décor indoors or out. Our designers love urn-shaped planters for an unmistakably elegant statement at an entryway, on a deck or patio, in a sunroom…you get the picture!



Handcrafted in a 400-year-old atelier de poterie in the south of France and glazed in an antiqued ivory, our Anduze terra-cotta planters evoke a classical vibe that’s also bright and fresh.


If you can’t have (or don’t want) fresh flowers in your home, grab a well-made arrangement of faux summer blooms to liven up your room. Keep in mind: Quality is the difference between tacky and tasteful, here. You want it to look just like the real thing.

Exquisitely handcrafted, the Tall Pink Peony Watergarden offers true-to-life summer blossoms for anywhere you need a touch of color.


Switch out heavyweight bedding for lighter styles in breathable, cozy fabrics. Colorful floral print duvet covers in lustrous cotton sateen are always fashionable this time of year, as are matelassés and block-print quilts. This simple switch makes a big impact—especially when you dress your bed like a design pro! Discover our secrets on how to make your bed.

The Arcelia Printed Duvet and Giorgina Embroidered Quilt have it all: a shimmery sateen, a soft palette, and a cool, understated block print.

Looking for some outdoor decorating ideas for summer, too?  Check out these photos of real outdoor rooms shared by some of our clients, then head here to find all the outdoor rugs, pillows, and furniture you need to create your own oasis.



Summer is the perfect time to bring some color into your life. Check out these inspiration photos and tips for great summer decorating ideas.

Summer. It’s the season for bold blooms and emerald leaves—the season of color. If you’re like a lot of people, you’re ready to nix winter’s neutral palette and embrace the full spectrum of summer.

Of course, seasonal changes aren’t the only reason to add color to your space.

  • You may be an apartment dweller whose landlord insists on covering every wall with a coat of primer and keeping it that way.
  • You could be trying to escape the 1990s suburban development palette of beige, beige, and more beige.
  • You’ve gotten a bold new lease on life, and you want your home to show it!

Check out these summer decorating ideas, from subtle to splashy, that will help you bring some color into your space.

Add a Little Color Here and There

You don’t have to go big and paint your walls Ultra Violet (although it is the color of the year!). Instead, you can start by bringing in a bit of color using decorative accents, like pillows, florals, candles, and more.

Starting small is a great idea when you’re not quite sure what you like, and it’s a lot less expensive that reupholstering your sofa in lime green and regretting it later. You can experiment with some small accents for a while and easily switch them out when you’re ready for something new.

Make a Bigger Statement

If you’re more confident about your palette, but again, you’re not quite ready for that lime green sofa, then choose some bolder statement pieces that bring the pizazz. Larger-scale summer room décor, like a stunning piece of abstract artwork, can create bolder strokes—again, without breaking the bank.

Making a statement isn’t only about color; it’s also about expressing your personality and being surrounded by what you love. It’s okay to stick with neutral colors on your investment pieces, but when it comes to art, rugs, bedding, or other statement accents, follow your heart: Choose pieces in colors that make you feel happy in your space.

Go All In for Color

If you’re ready for a sofa decked out in a bold pattern—lime green? Hey, go big or go home!—then you’re ready to commit to upholstering in color. When you’re making these big decisions, help from an Ethan Allen designer can really make a difference. Visit a Design Center to check out our extensive fabric and leather options. Help from our designers is always free—and fabulous.

That Color Looks Great on You!

Check out the inspiration images below for some ideas, big and small, about bringing color into your space. Also, keep an eye out for our new augmented reality app, inHome—it will give you the power to preview Ethan Allen furniture and decorative accessories, right in your space.

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It’s Cinco de Mayo AND Kentucky Derby day? There has never been a day in the history of mankind that has demanded a party more clearly than this one. And there has never been a piece of furniture more ready for a party than our Lora bar.

Check out this video of five ways to style our Lora bar

We’ve decided to focus on the Kentucky Derby and the classic cocktail that goes with it: the mint julep. Let’s dive into this great tradition, and, as a bonus, we’ll also give you some pro tips on serving with Lora.

The Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby, which debuted in 1875, takes place at Churchill Downs in Louisville. It’s preceded by a flurry of local activities, including a spectacular air show and fireworks display called Thunder over Louisville. A general admission ticket to the Derby doesn’t guarantee anyone a place to sit, and seats are premium price, so fans start flocking into the Downs early to grab space on the central lawn.

And the hats—what would the Kentucky Derby be without these iconic fashion statements?

It’s also not Derby day without a cold, refreshing mint julep in hand. With an assist from our Lora bar, this cocktail is sure to earn a Triple Crown at your Kentucky Derby party.

Mint Julep Recipe

Although it precedes the Civil War, and reports differ over whether it was originally made with cognac or bourbon, the mint julep became the official drink of the Kentucky Derby in the 1930s. Over 120,000 mint juleps are served at Churchill Downs on Derby weekend, including 10,000 bottles of ready-to-serve cocktail, 60,000 pounds of crushed ice, and 4,000 sprigs of freshly harvested mint.

Mint juleps are traditionally served in silver cups (in fact, the Derby makes sterling silver cups for the big day), and the cups develop a lovely signature frost on the outside as you stir the cocktail. If you don’t have silver cups, don’t worry—we won’t tell. Just make sure to use good bourbon.

Oh, and start this the night before your party; you’ll need to make the simple syrup in advance.


2 cups sugar

2 cups water

Fresh mint

Crushed ice


Silver julep cups

  1. Prep the syrup. In a saucepan over medium heat, mix the sugar and water and bring to a boil. Heat until the sugar is completely dissolved and the liquid is simmering and clear. Cool the syrup it and place it in a covered container along with six to eight sprigs of fresh mint. Refrigerate overnight.


  1. Prep your workspace. On the day of your party, place your simple syrup in a bowl along with a tablespoon on the top shelf of your Lora bar. Arrange your bottle of bourbon, a bucket of crushed ice with a small scoop, and a plate of mint sprigs near the simple syrup bowl, leaving yourself a little room to make each cocktail. You can keep a shot glass handy to measure your bourbon; a shot glass holds one ounce of liquid. Place your silver cups on the Lora bar’s second level, along with some spare bourbon in case you run out.


  1. Make the juleps. Grab a silver cup and use the scoop to fill it with crushed ice. Add one tablespoon of simple syrup, plus two ounces of bourbon (two shots if you’re measuring with the glass). Stir the cocktail rapidly to chill the drink and frost the cup. Garnish with a sprig of mint.

They’re featured in all your favorite interior design magazines and blogs (like ours!), but each one is unique. The gallery wall is a home design trend that’s here to stay—and it’s easy to see why. It adds an eye-catching element to your home, can help set the theme for a room, and is a fun way to express your personality.

If the idea of putting one together seems too daunting or complicated, or you just don’t know where to start—read on! These simple tips and tricks will help you pull off a perfect gallery wall of your own—with ease.

Choose the Wall

Gallery wall arrangements have the most impact on prominent walls painted in neutral colors. This lets the artwork really shine. Colored walls can work, too: Just be sure to create contrast with frames or white mats to prevent a bolder hue from visually swallowing up the artwork.

Think Thematically

Although there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the content, gallery walls that share a color or a theme—such as abstract or botanicals—generally look more put together. Designer tip! If all of your artwork features the same subject, use unique frames to create a more interesting gallery wall design.

Add a Surprise

Consider incorporating a mirror, chalkboard, wall clock or family photo. When selecting this element, think about the room it’s going in. A gallery with a chalkboard is right at home in an entryway or kitchen where you can keep a can’t-miss shopping or to-do list.

Decide on a Style

If you love a clean modern look, group an even number of same-sized images together to create a symmetrical gallery wall design. For an eclectic gallery wall, mix rectangle, square and even round wall décor. Groups of three, five, or nine pieces work especially well.

Now that you’ve established the overall vibe of your gallery wall, you’re ready to start installing your art – but don’t start swinging the hammer just yet. These simple steps will help you create a flawless gallery wall with a just a few supplies and some imagination.


1. Gather the following: kraft paper, pencil, scissors, tape, a hammer, nails or picture hangers and framed artwork with saw tooth hooks or a picture wire—something you won’t need to worry about if you have Ethan Allen artwork, which features a wireless hanging system.


2. Spread the kraft paper on the floor. Trace your framed pieces onto it and cut them out.


3. Arrange the cut-outs on your wall starting at eye level and tape them in place. Play with the arrangement as much as you’d like! For an avant-garde look, try an arrangement with no spacing between artwork at all.


4. On each framed piece, measure the distance between the saw tooth hook(s) or picture wire when it’s held taut and the top of the frame.


5. Measure the same distance from the top of the corresponding cut-out and insert a nail through the kraft paper at that point.


6. If you’re using Ethan Allen artwork, you can skip steps 4 and 5! Just place and press the art piece firmly against the corresponding cut-out to create dimple marks, then insert the provided self-hanging hardware at those points.


7. Remove the cut-outs from your wall, hang your artwork, and voila—the perfect art gallery wall!

Ready to get started? Mix art you own and love with new ones or create an entirely new look. We’ve got hundreds of pieces of framed and custom-framed artwork to choose from!