For our Ethan Allen | Disney collection, we wanted to create seating that would be very special for little kids and big kids. Ta-da! We created the Tuft Love Sofette, pictured here in glam hot pink plush velvet. It’s super soft—and it's stain resistant, too! To get the full luxurious effect of just how fabulous plush velvet is, we had to tuft it—button tuft it, to be exact. It’s all done by hand by our craftspeople: One. Stitch. At a time. We added chrome nailhead trim for an extra touch of pretty bling, and the hand-finished ice-cream-cone-inspired legs add another scoop of sweetness! Love it. Oh, just one more scoop: This month get your Tuft Love Settee shipped for free! Get more info here. Designed for you, The Ethan Allen design Team      
Knowledge is gained, treatments are developed, and hope is renewed thanks to the tireless efforts of organizations like Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the world’s oldest and largest private cancer center. They have devoted more than 130 years to exceptional patient care, research, and educational programs. The fight against cancer is a worthy one. We're proud to join Sloan Kettering in the fight. [...]
It’s a long way from Poland to Passaic, New Jersey. And yet you’d never know it by talking to Krystian Kolano, a guy who’s perfectly at ease in a job he clearly loves at the busy Ethan Allen manufacturing facility just across the river from New York City. Krystian’s journey to America began at age 14 when he moved with his parents and younger brother from their home in Wilcza Wola, a village in southeastern Poland. They settled in Garfield, New Jersey, and while it was worlds away, Krystian found his niche. He made friends, played soccer, and attended high school (where he met his future wife, Agnieszka, whom he married in July). He graduated from Bergen Community College with a degree in accounting, and worked for a moving company until an Ethan Allen help-wanted ad caught his eye. [...]